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The WOWTM intraoral scanner is used in dentistry to take optical impressions of patients ‘teeth or of casted dental models. This method replaces and improves upon the traditional dental impressions of the chemical / manual type. This new technology sets itself apart by its simplicity, ease of use, speed and especially the creation of scan files that are completely open.

  • Its precision, by eliminating the problems due to the deformation of the impression materials and plaster casts.
  • Its reproducibility, the impression can be reproduced / 3D printed without limitation.
  • The possibility to add to and adjust the impression. If a certain area of the impression has not been scanned correctly, you can simply rescan that area and you can add to the scan without any problem which is not the case when using a classical impression where you need to redo it completely.
  • Its t ime saving, chairside and in the lab. There is no longer a need to cast the model, do a wax-up and use the lost wax technique which reduces the number of sessions in the case flow.
  • The patients’ comfort, there is less chance of gag-reflex for the patients and less time for the patient sitting with their mouth open.
  • The diversity of usable materials. With modern day CAD/CAM systems any dental material can be used if it is biocompatible.