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The Unique Digital Tooth Shade Analyzer

Color analysis is a crucial part of the tooth repair and replacement process. After all, a new tooth shouldn’t look new. It should look like the rest of your teeth. Though many claim to have a trained eye for shade matching, other environmental factors can prove that false. The Rayplicker QuickShade’s calibrating tips eliminate external factors making for an accurate shade match every time! Don’t guess at the color and shade of your work, anymore. Rayplicker QuickShade uses spectrophotometry to scan, analyze, and flawlessly match the shade any tooth in a matter of minutes. Rayplicker QuickShade: Another great product from Denterprise International Inc.


Technical Specifications
  • Scanner Size: 240 x 49.5 x 30.5mm
  • Scanner Weight: 210g
  • Distance: 0-17mm
  • Accuracy: 20um
  • Imaging Mode: Synchronous 3D Video
  • Quick Reset: Yes
  • Model Optimization: Yes
  • Cartography: 2D Mapping
  • CMOS Sensor: 400 x 400 PX
  • Spectrophotometer: 400-700 nm
  • Screen: Touch
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 NTSC
  • Battery: Yes
  • Memory Capacity: 40 files

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