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Our Job is Our Passion. Welcome to Denterprise International, Inc

Denterprise International, Inc.

Denterprise International, Inc.is an innovator and provider of best-in-class dental imaging technology and products.  Since 1989, Denterprise  has pioneered and stayed ahead of the curve, serving thousands of dental professionals offering the best value for their imaging needs.

With a focus on digital imaging solutions, we offer a variety of models in each category to suit each dealer.  We maintain well established relationships with direct manufacturing or exclusive OEM partnerships with manufacturers located in North America, France, Korea, and China.

All Denterprise products are FDA registered and many have been reviewed by the CR Foundation (formerly CRA); often praised for innovation, quality, and value.   The Denterprise suite of products includes top-rated intraoral cameras, digital dental sensors, cutting edge x-ray generators…and emerging technology.  We constantly stay focused on the needs of the dental industry.  We work close with dealers to find the fit that is best for relevant markets, and we are strict about our research and development practices, which allows us to deliver industry rated quality with highly competitive pricing.

The Denterprise International Team

Claude Berthoin, Founder/CEO

Claude Berthoin is the Executive Chairman of the Denterprise Group. As an early innovator in bringing digital imaging to the industry, Claude remains a strategic and practical leader with an entrepreneurial passion.  He leads corporate business development and has successfully led the company from its inception through a period of significant growth, product innovation, and strategic partnerships. He oversees two subsidiaries namely Video Dental Concepts and 510KFDA.com with a unified approach to finding emerging technologies and solutions for the dental industry, helping medical/dental device manufacturers prepare for market entry in the U.S. and abroad, and working close with the industry to maintain the highest level of standards and best practices.

With a long history of executive leadership, Law and International business background, his experience and knowledge is well respected in the International Dental Imaging and Technology community. Claude has been a champion for introducing emerging tech start-ups on the US market, and over the years he incubated SOPRO (France) now part of ACTEON, RF SYSTEMS lab (Japan), OWANDY (France), OY AJAT (Finland), MYRAY (Italy) part of CEFLA Dental Group, REMEDI (Korea), BOREA (France), CORUO (France), RUNYES (China), and others.  Claude currently maintains relationships in Asia and Europe and leads Denterprise’s efforts in these areas, expanding market reach and continually innovating.

The tireless champion of better value, Claude strives to pass the savings to doctors looking for a cost advantage in all economic conditions.

Claude is best known in the Dental Industry as the pioneer of the Intraoral Cameras (1989) and Dental Sensors (1991), both as an inventor and visionary. He has attended and exhibited at over 350 trade shows worldwide and continues to travel the globe seeking the next generation of Imaging Tools to benefit the dental profession.  He currently sits on two committees of the ADA, SCDI (Standard Committee on Dental Informatics) and SCDP (Standards Committee on Dental Products).  He is a member of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) and sits on its Regulatory Committee.

Lee Strong, Product Development Manager, FDA compliance -Regulatory Manager

Lee has refined a broad range of business and technical skills since starting his career at IBM in 1980. His versatility extends to interacting with clients of diverse backgrounds, mapping their needs onto core product capabilities, identifying new requirements, and translating them for review by product specialists. Lee has served on multiple complex systems’ implementation teams, responding to client needs as quickly as possible, balancing quality and profitability, and carrying lessons learned forward for reuse, to assure client satisfaction.

Currently, Lee manages the efforts to keep Denterprise ahead of the curve on our products.  He’s the quintessential computer scientists and he is not only testing and benchmarking our products against very high standards, but he stays in touch with what the dental industry needs to maximize their efforts at the practice level.  He’s a seasoned technical writer and believes in strong analytics matched with great customer experiences.

Ivan Mihajlovik, Marketing Manager, web & graphic designer

Ivan combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and the layout of websites and printed pages, conducts implementing marketing programs such as email, social media, or digital campaigns. He collaborate with other internal teams, product and sales, to develop and monitor strategic marketing initiatives, analyze and report on the performance and efficiency of campaigns, conduct market research as well as analyzing the trends to identify new marketing opportunities.

Chris Sutcliffe, Technical Support Supervisor

I came to Denterprise Intl by total coincidence at the end of 2015 but it has seemed like a perfect fit for over 4 years now. I was self employed with a thriving computer repair business serving local residents and small businesses in a fairly new but rapidly growing town in Central Florida. I was very curious about the opportunity to learn about the dental industry and especially the technical side of things. I am learning new things daily and enjoy helping the sometimes stressed out dental assistants with their technical problems including x-ray equipment, Intra-Oral camera’s, software and networking. I previously worked in pharmaceutical manufacturing in NJ., and lotion, creams and juices manufacturing in FL., for some international Fortune 100 companies. I’m married with children and grandchildren and really love teaching people, mountain biking and like most techs…coffee.

Cecille Deomano (DMD, MScD-Orthodontics), Clinical Director of Technology

As a dental professional with 12+ yrears of experience in different aspects of general dentistry and orthodontics, Cecille has developed a passion for continious learning and passing her knowledge on to others. She is currently testing direct printing of clear aligners in preparation of FDA registration and compliance.

As the National Director of CAD/CAM and 3D Cecille Deomano is charged with the expansion of Denterprise International’s market share within the 3D and CAD/CAM product categories as well as direct relations with distribution partners.

Teresa Moldovan, Sales Manager / Operations Director

Teresa Moldovan has been with Denteprise International since 2011 and though certified and licensed as an Occupational Therapist has refocused her career path and dedicated herself to Denterprise International as she has gained an understanding of the dental market. Teresa has a unique capability of multitasking. With her keen communication and people skills she is able to provide necessary consultation. She not only can identify the needs of the market with her product knowledge but also has the ability to grasp the technical aspect as well, making her an all-around source of information as new innovative products are introduced. Her knowledge and past studies include but are not limited to Business Law and  Accounting and now that she is pursuing her BA degree, which is fitting, as she has been more involved in tasks related to Operations as she moves up the corporate ladder. Teresa is a great asset as Denterprise International innovates and introduces new product technology to the market.

Steve Langiotti, Accounting/Fiance and HR Manager

Steve Langiotti is the Manager in charge of Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources. Steve is responsible for the accuracy of the Financial statements, and all daily Accounting operations.   Steve is the driver of Financial Analysis, Budgeting, and Forecasting activity.   Steve attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where he earned a Bachelor’s degree, and has a background in Bank Internal Audit, Treasury Management, and Manufacturing.


Denterprise Support Team

Online Support to Providers, 24/7

Do you have long working hours and do not have the support you need it? Denterprise International Inc has long office hours from 8:00 to 17:00. In addition, you can make an individual appointment.

Need help? Call as at  1-877-509-3180 or browse our specialist.