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QuickimageDIS IO, Dental Imaging Software Suite

Easiest and Most Comprehensive Imaging Software For Digital Dentistry.

Astonishing Speed, Simple Operation

QuickImageDIS IO is the modern and multiplatform imaging software intended to acquire, display, store and manage the dental X-Ray images, including 3D imaging. From intraoral cmaeras, intraoral x-ray devices, 2D panoramic, 3D CBCT and intraoral scanner interface.

Your solution to replace Apteryx Imaging, Dexis Imaging, Tigerview, Kodak Imaging, Eaglesoft Imaging etc, etc.

– Dedicated images processing tools to enhance the image quality from your devices
– DICOM compatibility and exporting images into graphic formats: .jpg, .png .bmp
– Multiple database management
– Customizable features for Full Mouth Series exams
– No annual fees!
QuickImageDIS IO Suite allows for simple images management and a wide range of integrated functions, useful to improve the diagnostic capabilities, and make the workflow of the
dental clinic easy and smart.

Technical Support Provided.
Ask for supported devices.

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