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Technological Breakthrough from Dental Imaging Device Manufacturer

For Immediate Release
Sep. 5, 2014
Ormond Beach, FL

ADA 2014 Will Be the Venue for the Unveiling of the World’s First Ever Dual Action Dental Imaging Instrument.

Dental Imaging Device Manufacturer, Denterprise International Inc., Set to Launch New Dual Intraoral/ExtraOral Dental Imaging Instrument, DuraCam 2HD, at the prestigious dental event, ADA 2014.

The annual highly acclaimed, anticipated, and attended American Dental Association (ADA) trade show (Oct.9-11, 2014), has many dentistry professionals, suppliers, retailers, and dental manufacturers electrified with excitement. The ADA show is akin to CES, but strictly for dentistry.

Amid all of the buzz and excitement over all of the latest dental industry innovations, dental procedures, technology, and new dental products that are being showcased at this dental event, there is one specific dental imaging product that is attracting a substantial amount of attention. Denterprise International Inc., a dental imaging manufacturer is making history by releasing a first of it’s kind 2 in 1, dual purpose, intra / extra oral camera.

DUO, the long awaited solution to the problem of having to switch between an intraoral device and an SLR camera for many patient view images, will be unveiled at the ADA 2014, October 9-11 in San Antonio, TX.

The DuraCam 2HD is the latest innovation to come from Denterprise International Inc., a recognized, award winning company steeped in the dental industry and respected by dentists the world over, has developed a long line of dental imaging systems spanning more than two decades. What the DuraCam 2HD provides to dentistry professionals is an “all in one” dental camera solution that is efficient, affordable, and very easy to use.

Denterprise International Inc. will be hosting booth #4423 and #4424 at the ADA 2014 dental conference Oct.9-11th, showcasing their latest dental imaging and dental x-ray systems, along with releasing the world’s first ever 2 in 1 dental camera.

Denterprise International Inc. ADA Event Special: Get one of the 50 units that Denterprise International Inc. is setting aside for the Event Launch Price of $1,995. The price after launch at ADA 2014 is $2,995. Dentists wanting to reserve their DuraCam 2HD prior to ADA 2014 should Call- (800) 323-2690.

About Denterprise International Inc.- Denterprise International, Inc. offers top of the line digital dental imaging systems for upwards of half the price of big name mainstream competitors. Providing dentists with some of the safest, easiest to use, most efficient, state of the art dental radiology systems currently available on the market worldwide has been their mission since 1990.

Currently, Denterprise International, Inc. is predominately focused on being on the forefront of technological innovation within the digital dental sensor, digital dental x-ray, portable hand held dental x-ray, 3D dental imaging system industry.

Denterprise International, Inc. provides dentists with high quality and very affordable dental imaging products, dental x-ray generators, digital dental sensors, intra-oral cameras, digital 3D PAN/PAN-CEPH dental xray systems, and a wide range of other dental imaging supplies.

Contact- Denterprise International, Inc.,
110 East Granada Blvd, Ste. 207 Ormond Beach, Florida 32176
Phone- 1-877-509-3180



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