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Darla Yeoman - CR Foundation

We appreciate all you do to further the profession of dentistry and keeping us informed of the things Denterprise is doing.

Lorne Lavine, DMD -

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your MiniCam USB2 camera. When I first started buying the cameras for our clients, it was as a low-cost addition to their expensive fiber optic systems. Some of them were so impressed, they returned the high cost cameras and got a few extra MiniCam cameras!

The image quality and ease-of-use are an unbeatable combination, and the low price is exactly what we were looking to find. We’ll be recommending these cameras to all of our clients.

Dr Andrew Miller -

I was hesitant purchasing the portable xray2go when I was planning an update to my dental office. The market seems to be dominated by the Nomad that are about 3 times the cost. I originally was going to purchase one because I expanded 2 more op’s.

I took a leap of faith and purchased it because of the way I had been treated when I made a mistake in ordering 12 IO cameras. I had purchased 12 IO cameras that had to be sent back and because they were rca out rather than usb. It was months after I purchased them that I realized they wouldn’t work. They treated me so well with the exchange, I believed him when I asked if I could return it and his reply was “Well, I have never had anyone ask to return one.”

When xray2go arrived, out of the box it worked flawlessly with dexis and gendex ehd and gendex phosphorus plates. I then purchased 2 more so I wouldn’t have to put the ugly, intimidating, arm drifting, wall banging, inconsistent progeny and gendex xray units in any op’s.
Its been about 4 months and I couldn’t be happier. I asked them if they wanted a testimonial because I have been so disappointed in nearly all of the customer service from all the vendors in the remodel. I have been happy with every aspect of Video Dental Concepts. More than that, they went above and beyond and I will work with them for everything I can.

Dr. Steven Hechtman

1. Quality of the image.
2. Low cost of sensor
3. Quality of service

When I was looking for dental sensors to integrate with my MacPractice software, I wanted a macintosh native solution. I did not want the complexity & issues of dealing with Windows. After looking at all of the sensors that would run on Mac’s I selected the sensors from Video Dental Concepts. The quality of the images were great. They cost was less than any of the brands. And, installation was a breeze with their tech support doing a screen share to install and fine tune the software. The software that came with the sensors is totally transparent. It works so well that you do not even know it’s there. The sensors themselves are very comfortable in the mouth. I am very happy with the sensors. You will find good people to work with at Video Dental Concepts. I highly recommend them!

Dr. Jurga Martini

The quality of x-ray images have always been a sore topic in my clinics since we started using digital x-rays over a decade ago. The software people were blaming hardware, sensors, sensor boxes, while the hardware people were blaming software and etc. We even thought of buying totally different software but considering the cost, and more importantly having to dig in multiple areas for patients’ x-rays, made this switch seem unreasonable. We are blown away with the quality of the images we get with Videodental sensor. At some point we are thinking of getting more sensors for the other clinic where we are using supposedly the industry leader’s sensors and software and still don’t get as crisp images. It is like getting your first pair of loupes! And the best part – the sensors work with most software.

Dr. Joshua Kleederman

Having been a dedicated Mac user since 1992 beginning with DentalMac and more recently MacPractice, I really did not want to employ two operating systems with “bridges” to Windows programs. Those were some pretty lean years for Mac users with little peripheral digital technology offered for our operating system and the vast majority of 3rd party x-ray, charting, and imaging suppliers completely ignoring the small Mac user market. The wait for me has been rewarded. Obviously, the Mac world is now robust with user friendly high quality computers and mobile devices, all synched and ready for business. The integration of both dental sensors and the intraoral camera from VideoDental provide a seamless and versatile integration into MacPractice will excellent image controls, resolution, and quick easy retrieval at very competitive pricing. I have found that the company is easy to reach and tech support both responsive and interested in the client. Video Dental products has been a good match for my office system and feel they deserve careful consideration when looking for similar products.

Glenn Meltzer, President, GPSI

I want to let you know that we received a call from Decision One saying that Gary was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable tech they ever worked with. Gary is certainly a major asset to your company and we feel very lucky to have him work with our customers. Please send him our kudos and thank him for all that does. We appreciate all of your support. Thanks!