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InstaRay  Digital X-Ray Sensors give you pristine image clarity at the highest resolution with minimum radiation exposure, and connects directly to your computer’s USB port without requiring a special interface box!

Are you still using film?

We can get your images into digital format to view on a computer using our new QuickImage imaging software, which is universally compatible along with our InstaRay sensor.

One of InstaRay’s biggest advantages is the gain in time. Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in 3 seconds, making it the fastest intraoral dental sensor in the industry!

The thin, tough and durable polyamide housing is less than 1/4″ and features a CMOS imaging sensor chip, CSI Scintillator, electronic circuits, Kevlar reinforced cable, and an intelligent Auto Trigger.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven Durable Engineering
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 3-second high-quality x-ray
  • Two Sensor Image Sizes
  • Intelligent Auto Trigger
  • 2M Cable Length
  • Kevlar Reinforced Cable
  • Replaceable Cable
  • Direct High Speed 2.0 USB Connectivity
  • Twain Compatible

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