The definitive “must have” for all dental practices.  This powerful Intraoral camera is backed by it’s profound ability to help practitioners to “stop leaving money on the table”.  It’s powerful proof of practice gives patients clear and undeniable images of the truth behind their dental health.  With it’s highly competitive price point and ease of entry into practices, this camera has historically shown great prowess in opening doors for other necessary digital imaging products.
This model connects directly to a USB port with a Windows recognized driver; Simple to install and easy to use, with programmable buttons. The quality of this intraoral camera is similar to the DexCam, SchickCam, SuniCam and other popular “USB” Cams. Includes FREE Macro-Lens for on-tooth diagnosis!

Seeing is Believing! This economical Direct USB camera is ideal to motivate and educate your patients. Its image quality rivals that of more expensive cameras and the included Macro lense cap boosts the magnification to 50x for superb details.

The camera is easy to use and works with most imaging software. Unlike most inexpensive cameras which have a short life span, render a mediocre image and whos capture button does not save an image in your software, DuraCam performs admirably, delivering an excellent image. With its programmable capture button it is compatible with all major dental imaging software.