Denterprise International, Inc.  is an innovator and provider of best-in-class dental imaging technology and products.  Since 1989, Denterprise  has pioneered and stayed ahead of the curve, serving thousands of dental professionals offering the best value for their imaging needs.


With a focus on digital imaging solutions, we offer a variety of models in each category to suit each dealer.  We maintain well established relationships with direct manufacturing or exclusive OEM partnerships with manufacturers located in North America, France, Korea, and China.


All Denterprise products are FDA registered and many have been reviewed by the CR Foundation (formerly CRA); often praised for innovation, quality, and value.   Denterprise International continues to receive awards and accolades across the industry.


We constantly stay focused on the needs of the dental industry.  We work close with dealers to find the fit that is best for relevant markets, and we are strict about our research and development practices, which allows us to deliver industry rated quality with highly competitive pricing.



Denterprise International is comprised of a wide range of professional disciplines that allow our team to prepare and present the most beneficial dental imaging products to the industry.  Our team is not just confined to the office, but we believe in a team-centric approach in all of our business relationships.  We strive to share the right information and prepare our dealers to be armed with the right tools to present and deploy our products across the space…with the success of the dental practices being at the very core.


Claude BerthoinFOUNDER - CEO

As an early innovator in bringing digital imaging to the industry, Claude remains a strategic and practical leader with an entrepreneurial passion. He leads corporate business development and has successfully led the company from its inception through a period of significant growth, product innovation, and strategic partnerships. He oversees all subsidiaries of the company with a unified approach to: finding emerging technologies and solutions for the dental industry, helping medical/dental device manufactures prepare for market entry in the U.S. and abroad, and working close with the industry to maintain the highest level of standards and best practices.

With a highly effective management style and deep understanding of economics, historical market trends and the ability to adapt accordingly; Jim delivers superior leadership in organizing, planning, and executing the growth and revenue strategies for Denterprise International. He has a standing reputation working alongside global manufacturers, technology innovators, and the public sector; and is renowned for his prowess and ability to negotiate better trade and import/export practices. Currently, Jim has been instrumental in helping Denterprise foster a culture of growth and customer service.


Lee manages the efforts to keep Denterprise ahead of the curve on our products. He’s the quintessential computer scientists and he is not only testing and benchmarking our products against very high standards, but he stays in touch with what the dental industry needs to maximize their efforts at the practice level. He’s a seasoned technical writer and believes in strong analytics matched with great customer experiences.

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your MiniCam USB2 camera. When I first started buying the cameras for our clients, it was as a low-cost addition to their expensive fiber optic systems. Some of them were so impressed, they returned the high cost cameras and got a few extra MiniCam cameras! The image quality and ease-of-use are an unbeatable combination, and the low price is exactly what we were looking to find. We’ll be recommending these cameras to all of our clients.

Lorne Lavine, DMDTheDigitalDentist.com

I want to let you know that we received a call from Decision One saying that Gary was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable tech they ever worked with. Gary is certainly a major asset to your company and we feel very lucky to have him work with our customers. Please send him our kudos and thank him for all that does. We appreciate all of your support. Thanks!

Having been a dedicated Mac user since 1992 beginning with DentalMac and more recently MacPractice, I really did not want to employ two operating systems with “bridges” to Windows programs. Those were some pretty lean years for Mac users with little peripheral digital technology offered for our operating system and the vast majority of 3rd party x-ray, charting, and imaging suppliers completely ignoring the small Mac user market. The wait for me has been rewarded. Obviously, the Mac world is now robust with user friendly high quality computers and mobile devices, all synched and ready for business. The integration of both dental sensors and the intraoral camera from VideoDental provide a seamless and versatile integration into MacPractice will excellent image controls, resolution, and quick easy retrieval at very competitive pricing. I have found that the company is easy to reach and tech support both responsive and interested in the client. Video Dental products has been a good match for my office system and feel they deserve careful consideration when looking for similar products.

Joshua KleedermanProstheticdentist.com

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