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The DuraRay-e dental x-ray sensor gives you the highest resolution and clarity! DuraRay-e connects directly to your computer’s USB port — no interface box needed!

The DuraRay-e sensor is the fastest sensor on the market! View X-rays in USB 2.0 High Speed Mode in only 3 seconds.

DuraRay-e rounded corners and smooth edges optimize patient comfort. DuraRay-e intraoral sensors are thin (less than 1/4″) and contain a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils and shock absorbers. Tough polyamide housings have durable replaceable polyurethane cables with ergonomically placed connectors.

Imaging Software Options

  • All DuraRay-e sensor kits are delivered with a trial version of Apteryx XVLite software.
  • DuraRay-e Connect is available for users of Dexis, Schick, Kodak, VixWin or other common products.
  • DuraRay-e Mac is available for users of MacPractice or RadioVision.

Warranty Against Defect
We guarantee our sensors against defect during the warranty period, which is 12, 24, or 36 months, depending on which Sensor Kit is purchased. Should a problem arise, we’ll overnight a loaner to the customer for a nominal fee while the sensor is tested at the factory. If it’s defective, we’ll replace it with a new sensor.

Replacement Cost Guarantee
If a DuraRay-e USB Sensor is replaced for any reason other than warranty replacement (above), then we guarantee the cost of a new sensor at a fraction of the original cost, depending on which Sensor Kit was purchased. This replacement cost guarantee is good for 60 months from date of purchase—and for lifetime of the sensor with the Premium package.

Tech Support Is Key To Successful Installation
Retailers ordinarily provide the first level of customer service. We can also provide unlimited support during the Service Plan period—from 30 days to 60 months, depending on which Sensor Kit is purchased. We charge per issue for technical support outside a Service Plan. Please call us to choose the right service plan for your dealership.

Nobody Beats Denterprise!
We guarantee the best value in digital sensors. We compared ownership costs over a five-year period—purchase price, warranty fees, tech support, and replacement cost—to prove we deliver better value than any other vendor.


Today’s modern operatory is going digital. Dental professionals are moving beyond analog film, phosphor plate and digital boxes, and are embracing digital technology that allows direct display of quality x-ray images instantly from the moment they’re captured.

The DuraRay-e Digital Sensor is the fastest intraoral sensor on the market. For intraoral imaging, state-of-the-art means digital CMOS technology with direct USB 2.0 connectivity. Its greatest advantage is gain in time. X-ray images project directly onto the dentist’s computer screen in just three seconds.

Our sensors are designed and manufactured in Europe and are available in sizes appropriate for children (size 1) or adults (size 2).



Product Features

  • Image Quality
    • Less Graininess
    • Industry-Leading Contrast Resolution
    • Industry-Leading Spatial Resolution
  • Patient Comfort
    • Rounded corners
    • Thin Sensor Plate
    • Low Profile Button
  • Designed For Durability
    • Thinner Cord — Direct USB sensor to computer
    • Sturdier Cord Jacket
    • Protected Against Fluids/Contaminants
    • Safer Vertical Bitewings
    • Repair Option
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Broad Range of Acceptable Exposure
    • Snag-Resistant Cord
    • Easy Cabling
    • Standard Holder Systems
    • Easier Cleaning